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About Us

We create jewellery that people love
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J Oscar Izquierdo

Founder, Designer & Goldsmith

Jewellery is a very personal experience.  When I create jewellery, I want people to look at it and see a story in it. 

I am an award-winning jewellery designer and goldsmith. Born in Cuba, and raised in Naples, Florida jewellery has been a vital part of my life as long as I can remember. 

At 12, I created my first piece – a silver elephant ring, – under the guidance of my Goldsmith father. I have been designing and creating jewellery ever since. I find inspiration for my work in nature and European architecture.

Oscar Izquierdo

Susan L Roberts


I design jewellery that reflects your unique spirit and emotions.

I am an award-winning jewellery designer and have been designing jewellery for people across the globe for over 35 years. I design each piece of jewellery with passion, creativity and flair.

 I attribute my success to my ability to combine many art-forms into one. I use elements from architecture and life experiences as inspiration for my designs.

Susan L. Roberts