Why Stones Fall Out

People often come in with stones that have fallen out of their Jewellery. They ask me how it is that they could have fallen out? Sometimes I’m amazed that they’ve managed to stay in !

In choosing the topic for my first blog, I knew it had to be about stones falling out of pieces.. As a Goldsmith, I have lost track of the number of times that people have come to me to get stones replaced from jewellery they bought elsewhere. In the case of production Jewellery, or simply, store bought Jewellery, the emphasis is put on the price  and not the quality of the piece. As such there is very little metal keeping the stones in place therefore making it weak and unable to handle daily wear. So when it comes to something like an engagement ring, that’s going to be a big problem. Few things make you fall out of love with your new engagement ring than having to keep taking it back to the store to get a lost diamond reset. Sometimes they even start off as perfectly fine rings with enough metal to keep everything in place. But going in and out of the shop with a, less than diligent, Goldsmith, they wind up polishing down any gold that may have been holding the diamonds in place. Other times the quality is just so poor that it  is going to be troublesome for you the entire time you own it. The cheapest price usually gets you the cheapest piece and people that want to make a fast sale don’t want you to have this information or they may not know themselves.

I’ve been a Goldsmith for over 40 years and have seen all sorts of workmanship in the different pieces I take in for repair.  I take great pride and great strides to ensure people love their Jewellery and love that lasts. That means properly set diamonds with the correct amount of metal holding your stones in place. This, plus a follow up service which includes checking, polishing and cleaning for the lifetime of your Jewellery is what you want to be looking for in a Goldsmith or Jeweller.  I want you to love your jewellery that we create with you, not just now, but for a liftime.

~ Oscar Izquierdo, Award-Winning Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer


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